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Investors Care About More Than Performance

The guest speaker at a recent CFA Society Cleveland lunch discussed a wide range of topics on how asset management firms could better integrate their various teams (including investments, sales, and operations). The importance of this integration was highlighted by some interesting survey results (from Challenger Sales Data) showing a shift in how clients want to interact with investment firms:

  • Advisors want to view investment firms as partners, not vendors
  • Advisors are looking for investment firms that can help meet client goals
  • Advisors want investment firms to help with education and teaching clients
  • The driving force behind whether or not an advisor hires or fires an investment firm is sales experience/client service (well ahead of performance)

Source: Focus Consulting Group 

Source: Focus Consulting Group

At Boyd Watterson, our investment teams work with our sales teams on a regular basis through a combination of meetings, conference calls and daily interaction.  Our sales and investment teams work together to create user-friendly client materials and are available to meet with advisors and clients to ensure they understand our capabilities, and we understand how we can be most helpful.  


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