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Mon - Fri 8:00am-4:45pm (216) 771-3450

Real Estate Capabilities

The Real Estate Group of Boyd Watterson was formed in 2009. Boyd Watterson serves as the asset manager for a number of institutional investors and manages in excess of $10.7 billion in gross real estate assets as of June 30, 2023 across all available real estate products and services. Boyd Watterson also offers a variety of transactional, advisory, and sourcing services. We have managed a wide variety of asset types and situations, and our experienced team provides institutional-quality real estate services to clients and investors.

Our Real Estate Strategies

Boyd Watterson’s real estate strategies invest in commercial properties (office, warehouse and flex space) leased predominantly to high credit-quality tenants. We believe in building moderate risk portfolios with an emphasis on income generation. Our assets are managed in separate client accounts and in private, open-ended commingled funds.

Real Estate Objectives and Philosophy

Our investment objectives are focused on delivering consistent and attractive risk-adjusted returns with a focus on income generation and a secondary focus on principal appreciation.

Our investment philosophy stems from our belief that attractive risk-adjusted returns over a market cycle are most consistently earned by taking both a top-down and bottom-up investment approach and employing moderate levels of risk.

We seek to reduce risk through diversification, strong credit, and adherence to risk management controls.

We believe that alpha is driven by superior knowledge within a given real estate asset class. We focus heavily on retention of current tenants and devote significant resources to research. This informs our acquisitions, as well as asset management, which executes our retention strategy.

Our portfolios have an income advantage over traditional core funds while using moderate leverage, which is designed to provide a level of downside protection in difficult markets.

Our Real Estate Gallery

Properties shown here are provided for illustrative purposes only, are not representative of all properties in Boyd Watterson’s real estate strategies, and are subject to change from time to time without notice.

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